John Powell è un compositore inglese che ha composto le colonne sonore  di Dragon Trainer e di Dragon Trainer 2.

Colonna sonora di Dragon Trainer Modifica

  • This is Berk
  • Dragon battle
  • The Downed Dragon
  • Dragon Training
  • Wounded
  • The Dragon Book
  • Focus, Hiccup!
  • Forbidden Friendship
  • New Tail
  • See You Tomorrow
  • Test Drive
  • Not So Fireproof
  • This Time For Sure
  • Astrid Goes For A Spin
  • Romantic Flight
  • Dragon's Den7
  • The Cove
  • The Kill Ring
  • Ready The Ships
  • Battling The Green Death
  • Counter Attack
  • Where's Hiccup?
  • Coming Back Around
  • Sticks & Stones
  • The Vikings Have Their Tea

Colonna sonora di Dragon Trainer 2 Modifica

  • Dragon Racing
  • Together We Map the World
  • Hiccup the Chief/Drago's coming
  • Toothless Lost
  • Should I Know You?
  • Valka's Dragon Sanctuary
  • Losing Mom/Meet the Good Alpha
  • Meet Drago
  • Flying with Mother
  • For the Dancing and the Dreaming
  • Battle of the Bewilderbeast
  • Hiccup Confronts Drago
  • Stoick Saves Hiccup
  • Stoick's Ship
  • Alpha Comes to Berk
  • Toothless Found
  • Two New Alphas
  • Where No One Goes (cantato da Jònsi)

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